Employment Assistance

The Employment Assistance Ministry at HNW is a program designed to assist members and the local community of all ages and career levels with:
  • securing employment
  • identifying and utilizing talents productively
  • being servant leaders in the workplace

We love to serve! Job Seekers and Employers alike, please participate in this free service as we strive to improve employment relationships in our area.

Job Seekers

Our goal is to help you with your employment needs, whatever they may be. We assist with:
  • job search
  • career guidance
  • dealing with difficult relationships and/or situations in the workplace
  • providing tools needed to maintain and enjoy employment

Please tell us about yourself and your employment needs on the "Job Seeker" page of this website.


Identifying, hiring, and engaging an employee workforce is one of the biggest challenges of all managers and employers. The ministry also serves those in management roles and employers by supplying:
  • a virtual job posting board
  • screened candidates
  • productivity and employee job satisfaction

Please complete the information form on the "Employer" page of this website; we will promptly contact you to share more about how we can assist with your job opening(s), as well share management methods developed to have a positive and productive impact on your workforce.